Question regarding 150 credits, plz help!

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    Hey everyone, I just got a quick question regarding the new 150 credits rule.

    Does it have to be a Master degree? Or, I could just take 10 additional Accounting/Finance/Business related courses from another recognized university/college, without a diploma, certificate or any sort?

    Btw, I currently have 120 credits. so ya…

    Many thx!

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    No thats a misconception, if you wanted to you can take community college classes. They dont have to be from a university. But some people get the degree cause its alot of hours. Colleges try to make money off students by pushing the masters degree.

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    It depends. In MA if you don't meet the experience requirement it has to be a masters degree but if you do meet the experience requirement it can be any 150 credits that meet the criteria.

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    My friend is taking Yoga classes at a community college to fufill the 150 credits requirement.


    @mla1169 good to know! Since I might have to transfer my NY license to MA. I have the one year experience required in NY, but I'm not sure what the experience requirement is in MA

    BTW I had 144 credits >:O which means that I only need two classes. I'm in a class right now, and it's horrible. To have to do homework for a degree you ALREADY have blows the big one…..that's what she said….. I'll still have to take one more class this coming year–oh and pass two more sections ha.

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    I was short around 27 credit hours my self, so i just took DeVry online courses to meet my requirement. DeVry costs alot of money, but the online courses for me are easy and was able to finish fast so i could start studying for the exam. I did take accounting and finance courses to get me in the mood of the CPA exam.


    As long as you have 33 accounting creeits and 36 business credits the rest can be anything….i graduated with 147 really annoying. Now im paying 1200 dollars to take another online class.


    I graduated with 145 credits (late study abroad) and have enough accounting credits. After this exam, I'm going to get my last 5 credits with foreign language classes!

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    I am graduating this spring with 147 credit hours…should I delay getting my diploma in order to reach 150? Or can I. graduate and THEN complete that last class…



    In what state are you going to apply for a license?

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