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    My BEC will expire on Oct 13 and that is the day I am scheduled for FAR. If I pass FAR I am done. But I have not even started on FAR and I have been living in the Audit world, so chances are that I will not pass FAR.

    Can I retake BEC in November before my FAR results come out or can I only take BEC after results show that I have failed FAR hence BEC expired.

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    I think I'm following. You've passed BEC – but it expires Oct 13th. (You might want to double check on one of your letters that show the date it expires, b/c I always thought they moved that to the end of the month). So you are taking FAR which is your last section, on that day. Yes, you can retake BEC in November and then retake FAR during the Jan/Feb window.

    Look to confirm with your BEC expires. I thought they expired towards the end of the month, so if yours does really expire on the 30th or something, you could push back FAR 2 weeks to have a better shot. If not and you truely think you will fail FAR, then yes you can take BEC even before you find out the results from FAR.


    i'm not sure you can re take BEC until you get your FAR results. Because while you are waiting for your FAR score, your BEC score is still valid. I don't think you can take a test that you have passed already until it actually expires. Just guessing though.

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