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    Today was my third exam. The first one I took was at a different center, about 75 miles away because, by the time I got my NTS, I couldn’t find a slot in the Prometric center in this area. Anyways, at my first exam, when I asked for more scratch paper, they gave me more and didn’t ask for the first scratch pad back. That was good, because the first thing I do when I go into an exam (after getting past the intro screens) is do a “brain dump” of mnemonics and those points that I’ve been struggling with…I allot 5-10 minutes for that. Today when I asked for a second pad, they told me that if I wanted one, I’d have to give the first one back–that I couldn’t have two. I told them that I’d had no problem with getting a second pad and keeping the first one before, but they just said, “we don’t do that at this center.” My handwriting is big and I only had a page left, but I decided that I’d rather have less space and my notes, so I told them that I guessed I do with just my one scratch pad after all. Has anyone else asked for a second scratch pad and had this problem? Or asked for a second pad and had it given without question? I was wondering if there was a difference among Prometric centers in this policy, or if one of the two places I went to was ‘wrong’ in what they did here.

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    I was under the understanding that if you asked for more paper you had to give your first set of papers back before they could give you anymore.


    I think the rules state that you can only have one pad at the time so you'd have to give the first one back. Sounds like the first test site was more lax in sticking to rules. It also depends on the person checking you in. For my first exam I was not asked to show the second ID but for the second exam I was, at the same site.

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    OK, thanks, I guess the first center was just lax in sticking to the rules. I'm going to have to practice writing small before my next exam!

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