NYS – Customer Service Response Time?

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    Had anyone recently reached out to the board of licensing using the online contact function?
    I mailed in my application and requested application status on Monday, but haven’t got a respond yet.
    I don’t want to wait for 6 weeks then find out it was never received =(

    NY - CPA
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    Did you not use a method to send that had tracking??
    NY was pretty bad with responses a couple years ago, and I assume they are even worse now.
    Probably still operating at 50% capacity, and remote if possible.
    It might be a while to get a response.
    They were running more than 6 weeks out to process a license the last I heard, there is a thread here that was tracking the NY time to process, you might want to bump that up.

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    6 weeks processing doesn't sounds very bad, a little more than a month. I was expecting the wait time will be more than 3 months. NYS is always slow.

    I'm still waiting for an e-mail respond, but I called up the customer service yesterday. The rep was able to confirm that a mail had arrived under my name, so I guess that should be it. No, my boss didn't send it under tracking. The line in post office can be 4 hours long.

    NY - CPA
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