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    Tim B

    I live and work in NY and I passed the CPA exam, but even though I have 8 years of consulting and tax preparation experience, almost none of it was under direct supervision of a CPA, so it doesn’t count towards my CPA license.

    NH allows consulting experience like this if it is evaluated and verified by NASBA, which I can get done. There is no residency requirement for a CPA license in NH.

    Question: Should I get licensed in NH? I’m not planning on living or practicing there, but I do work in tax prep in NY every tax season.


    AUD - 78
    BEC - 85
    FAR - 76
    REG - 77
    Done with the exam, just need verified experience now
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    To be honest, it will depends on several factor
    – If you are planning to switch career or stay in tax
    – If the license will bring you to a higher value
    – If you think you will need it in the future
    – If you just want it for good looking aka “the title”

    If you can't decided, you can just spend $$ to solve the problem aka get it. Check the NH status, in NY you are able to keep your title even if your CPA license became inactive.

    NY - CPA

    New York - NYC
    Passed CPA Exam (11/2014)
    In search for a position in NYC that will fulfills the license requirement.

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