(Michigan) official certification of passing Uniform CPA?

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    Hi guys! I am applying the registered accountant application in Michigan but stuck in the process. Michigan board has verified all conditions except the ‘Uniform CPA/IQEX Examination’. Since i originally passed the cpa exam as a New York State candidate, they don’t have access to my scores from NASBA. That’s why i need to provide a official certification from NY board or NASBA. May i ask what documents are they referring to? I have submitted the congratulation letters before but they don’t accept it? Are there any other certification that i don’t know? Or i just need to provide each score letter for all 4 sections?

    Here is the reply from Michigan:
    ‘We are unable to accept a congratulation letter. If you did not pass the Uniform CPA exam as a Michigan exam candidate, submit official certification of passing the Uniform CPA or IQEX exam provided by the administering jurisdiction or the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).’

    Any inputs are appreciated!

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    I got the same situation as yours. Have you solved it yet? I noticed several options in the NASBA store, like “NASBA Candidate Score Reprint”, “Successful Candidate Letter“, “Score Release Authorization” and “NASBA Candidate Score Transfer”. Not sure which one is correct.
    Additionally, regarding to the transcript verification, is it required for the education institution send it directly? Or we can upload it online by ourselves?


    reply to Sauce:

    I haven't solved it.
    Last week I put an order of transferring score from NY to Mi on the NASBA Store website. I just check it in my e-mail and THEY DID SENT ME A DIGITAL copy ‘CANDIDATE SCORE SUMMARY'. I will submit it today see how it will go. I will keep you updated whether it will work but i really think this is it!

    I didn't try the ‘Score Release Authorization' because i think it's only for candidate in Delaware and Conneticut.

    As to your questions about transcript verification, you need to upload it by yourself. I simply requested a digital copy from university admission office, and the next day they sent me a pdf copy with a university seal on it. I submitted it and no problems encountered.


    Thanks for the information! I'm wondering if they accepted your transcript that you uploaded by yourself? Since i asked Michigan NASBA, they said the college should send transcript directly to Michigan State Board. I'm a little confused about this issue. Are they still processing your application?


    I've received my cerfificate.

    As to the transcript, i requested the digital copy sent to my e-maill along, and then i uploaded to LARA on my own. I didn't encounter any problems on this matter.

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