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    Hope this is the right forum for a question like this! Thanks all in advance.

    I am licensed in NJ with an expiration date of 12/31/2023. I haven’t been involved with much accounting at work for a while so I’ve been planning to just let it expire. Recently had a thought of perhaps keeping it active, just in case of whatever reasons but I am finding it a bit difficult to understand how a renewal would work.

    Clearly I won’t hit 120 CPE credits before year-end, especially the 20x/year aspect. Can anyone shed some light on what the literal process would be to re-activate my license as soon as possible post 12/31/2023?

    Will it automatically go inactive on 1/1/2024? I found the NJ form to re-activate, there are a few different items to consider. Since I’m supposed to do 20x/year, will I not be able to re-activate until 2026 when I’ve accomplished that for three straight years? Could I technically hit the 120x hours ASAP in 2024 and then try to re-activate?

    I imagine paying the fee to switch to Paid Inactive is probably the first step after 12/31 until I sort the rest but again, it doesn’t all seem clear to me.

    Could anyone provide any guidance/advice on how to go about this? Thank you!

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