How to check if the CBA got notified of passing of CA Ethics exam.

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    I passed the CAL CPA ethics exam two weeks ago. It stated that they would automatically send the scores to the CBA within a week. I checked my profile recently, and I dont think anything has changed, how exactly do you check if the CBA has been notified?

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    CBA is slow to update and you will need to be patient.

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    congrats on passing the cpa exam. after i did the peth, it took about a month to a month and a half for them to be notified. this was back in march. they like to take their time.

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    Hate to necro an old thread, but i'm approaching the 7/8 week mark with nothing to show for it yet. Can anyone give me a clear answer on how you can tell if the scores have been sent? Do you see your score where you see all your other exam scores? On the front page of the CBA i'm still seeing
    “Ethics You must also pass the Professional Ethics for CPAs examination (PETH) through the California CPA Education Foundation with a score of 90 percent or higher.” This is the part i'm assuming will update when the scores are recieved, but can anyone confirm?

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