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    Can anyone give me a little insight into the grading process, I just received my Candidate Performance Report for auditing and I received:

    Planning – 78

    Internal Control – 78

    Information – 79

    Review – 85

    Communications – 79

    And my overall grade was a 72, doesn't make sense to me. Seems like I should have passed since all my grades are above a 75.

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    Did they say you were stronger or weaker in communications? I've noticed that if you don't do as well on the written commo they will fail you even though you do decently on the MCQs.

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    Hey Chal, you're not alone, I failed with a 70, even though I did OK in certain sections as follows:

    Planning – 88

    Internal Control – 82

    Information – 75

    Review – 67

    Communications – 84

    I guess what I did wrong was not writting enough in the written communications sections in the simulation.

    The instructor in my review course said to just write a couple of sentences to get your point accross. But, after reading several posts about Audit, I realize that I should have written extensively in the written communications portion of the report!

    I plan to repeat in November '09…

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    From your score report you cannot calculate your score. Read this link:

    Also, just because all your diagnostics are above a 75 doesn't mean that you should pass as found here;

    TampaAccountan – based on your score report reviews are low and you should really focus on that plus any other topics in the diagnostics that you were considered comparable or weaker in. I have also written communications in AUD, FAR and REG that were both short and long. There is no way for me to tell which one's were graded but I have passed writing communications writing short and long. I actually did not pass AUD the first time I took it (74) writing a long communication. The second time I passed and wrote short, clear and concise communications.

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    Curious, did anyone pass AUD with a “weaker” in written communication?

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    I have passed the audit (75) .. seems lucky

    i was weaker in both sim and comm !!

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    I've seen people score higher than the avg candidate in every area except written communications and still fail. It's weird.

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    Thanks for all the responses, its just bs, the only reason I became an accountant is because I'm good with numbers and not good at writing.

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