Getting through the Board Requirements after passing exams

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    Does anyone else feel like the state board’s steps to certification after you pass are a little ridiculous?

    In Oklahoma the process is:
    1. Receive Unoffical scores
    2. Board sends Official score notification by mail, on special paper so it can’t be copied along with the Experience Verification Form.
    3. Candidate completes Experience Verification Form, naming a verifier (complete with their CPA license number) and emails back to the board.
    4. Board staff emails verifier a separate form to be printed, completed, signed and returned by fax, email or snail mail.
    5. Board staff reviews & approves Experience Verification.
    6. Board staff sends Application for Certification form to Candidate by mail.
    7. Candidate completes 8 hrs AICPA ethics Training and 32 additional hours of CPE if applying for a permit to practice public accounting.
    8. Candidate completes Application for Certification and mails it in along with certificates of successful completion of all items in step 7.
    9. Board reviews & approves (or rejects) application at next monthly meeting (assuming it’s not canceled)
    10. 2-4 business days after board meeting, candidate gets certificate by mail.

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    Have you done all of this yet or still in the process? I'm in Oklahoma as well and was wondering how long this part takes.

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    I just completed all 4 parts of the exam as of the 3/21 score release. I got the first packet in the mail Wednesday the 29th. Thursday morning I emailed the experience form in and they almost immediately emailed my boss (who was waiting for that email, so he turned it around immediately.) Today I got the final application packet in the mail. So I'm hoping to finish up the 40 hours this weekend (25 more to go) and mail all the certificates along with the app & check on Monday.

    Important Note: For the license you have to do the 8 hrs of AICPA Ethics course but not the additional 32 hours. The additional CPE hours are for the Permit.

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    In oregon we have to do a lot of that and write a narrative in essay format explaining how we have met the 7 core competencies identified by the board and cite specific examples, signed off by your supervising CPA.

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    @gigabyte2001 – how did you write the work experience on the application? Bullets like a resume or sentences? How much do you need to write? Thanks!

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    @sweazy, really????? I haven't passed all four exams yet, but I am in Oregon, not looking forward to that!!

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    @sweazy @GitRDone2017 Have you guys done with OR licensing? Would you mind sharing your narrative (a redacted version maybe) so that I can use as a template. There is so little guidance about it so any help would be really appreciated. Thanks alot!

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