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    Hi Jiff,

    My BEC will be expired 01/01/10. If I take another section in the first window of 2010, can i still have the credit of BEC? Or I still need to rewrite BEC as long as I can not make 4 sections before 01/01/10? Thanks.

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    sisi – if your BEC credit expires on 1/1/10, then you need to take and pass all of your remaining sections by November 30 since no exams are given in December.


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    Jeff….the date of my last credit period for one of my tests is 2/6/10. What is the last ACTUAL day that I have to take and pass the others?

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    I am not sure but my credit expires the last day of the month 18 motnhs after I took the exam. I took both FAR and AUD in Aug 09 and both credits expires 02/28/2011. Is this state specific or the general rule.


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    BlondeAccountant – you need to schedule your exam for any day before 2/6/10. You do not need to receive your score before that date, but you'll need to take the exam before then.

    Lee – All passing scores expire 18 months after you sit for the exam.

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    BlondeAccountant – I would sit the 5th just to be safe. That's just me.

    Lee – that's normal. I had that same issue too.

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