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    I passed my last exam in August, but haven’t received my congratulatory letter yet. I just sent an email to my state board to follow up. The reason I waited so long to send the email was I thought maybe because of covid it takes longer these days. I just wanted to see if anyone else is in the same situation.


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    I have not received my letter either and I passed at the beginning of August. Nonetheless, I completed my application and NASBA has approved me for licensure and sent my information to NJ.

    NJ License Pending

    FAR - 63, 64, 75 (Dec 2018)

    REG - 51,75 (Jan 2018) - expired...FML...81 (March 2020)

    AUD - 64,70, 68 (Oct 2019), 72 (Jan 2020), 77 (July 2020)

    BEC - 66, 72 (March 2019), 80 (July 2019)



    Thanks for the reply. I just got an email from washington state board with my congratulatory letter and the instruction attached today. It seems they issued it this morning.
    I have to meet the 2000 working hours before applying for my licence.
    Good luck

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