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    I just took FARE, and felt horrible about the simulations. Does anyway know if those are weighted based on difficultly/how other people did? Has anyway felt they did horrible on the simulations or didn’t even answer all of the questions and passed?

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    You do get more points for correct answers on more difficult questions/simulations.

    I felt awful on REG simulations…well about the whole exam..and got an 87. FAR was very difficult for me too. It was the first exam I took, and I passed with a 79. I had no idea if I even came close to passing when I walked out of the testing center after FAR.

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    When i left FAR i thought the MCQ i did pretty good on… the memo thing wasn't too bad.. and the simulations I guessed half the time.

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    From my book:

    29. Does your performance on the multiple choice questions have any effect on the simulations that you get?

    The answer is no…

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    Does anyone know what percentage the communication sections of the simulation are of the final score.

    Also, if anyone has experience on doing feeling as though they did horrible on the simulations, but passed, I would like to hear it. I don't know if it's possible to do horrible on the simulations and pass…

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    Comms (one is graded) are 10% of your overall grade.

    Check it out if interested…

    20. I didn’t finish my second simulation and left several tabs blank. Can I still pass?

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    I walked out of FAR in tears because I thought I did so bad. I marked about half the MCQ for review in the second and third testlet, I couldn't find one of the research questions in my sim, and I was 100% sure part of one of my sims was totally wrong because it didn't balance. 3 weeks later I ended up with a score of 82. You really just have no idea. So hang in there and try to stay positive!!

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    FAR.. Didn't do either research question, and left tabs in both sims blank. Got an 87. Sick Curve!!

    It's like any stanardized test, your going to get a lot wrong but still can make it out alive!

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    I had a similar experience on FAR…the “curve” lies in the 3 testlets and how they ratchet up the difficulty level. You must have been doing well on the MCQs.

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