CA rejecting my Foreign Evaluation – Ethics credits needed

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    Co like everyone else here this has been a looong process. I submitted my foreign transcripts for my undergrad Bsc Finance and some ACCA credits i had taken to FCES (which i got from the CBA website) in 2017. I got back an answer from them in 2017 stating that i had all the requirements for the CBA (California Board Accountancy) and it specifically said “10 semester hours of Ethics credit: Yes, has 10 hours”.

    Now, in 2020 I passed all the exams and have my year of work experience under a CPA, i submitted my application in Feb and got back a response now saying i needed 7 more hours of ethics credits… Basically they are not accepting the foreign evaluation service adjudication (rejecting ACCA credits).

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any success with appealing?

    Alternatively, can anyone recommend where i can get 7 semester hours of ethics credits?


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    I don't know about appealing, but for classes you should check out Foothill college or De Anza. I took an online ethics in accounting course at foothill and was done in 6 weeks.

    AUD - 87
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 81
    REG - 79
    FAR- 81 (SEP 19)
    AUD- 87 (JUN 19)
    REG- 79 (MAR 19)
    BEC- 80 (FEB 19)

    Hi Toki,

    Thanks for the pointer. I submitted my transcripts and get passed for the prerequisites. I'm just waiting for CBA to review the syllabus of the ACCA class before I spend more money on this. So fingers crossed and here hoping they find in my favour…

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