Applying for CPA license with unfiled tax returns

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    I’m almost ready to apply for my CPA license with all exams passed in NY. However, I (ironically) have a few years of tax returns that I didn’t submit, mostly because I was owed minimal refunds rather than taxes on my end. I only owe taxes for 2020 and 2017, and all other years are refunds. After doing some research online, it seems like a lot of people are saying that I should take care of the back taxes before applying for the CPA license. However, I also just called my state board of accountancy, who said that they don’t contact the IRS or state tax authorities as part of their background check.

    I do plan on submitting all my tax returns this week. However, it seems like the IRS are experiencing a ton of delays right now and processing of my manual old tax returns could take upwards of half a year. With that said, has anyone been in a similar situation or have any insight? I’d obviously prefer to get my CPA license as soon as possible, but if that means there is a chance I’ll get denied and this will turn into a whole story, then I’d rather just wait a year before applying.

    Thank you!

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    If you don't have a real good reason for not filing, you should get it done. Part of being a CPA is ethics, how can you justify tax evasion.(That's the way it will look). The IRS will penalize you for not filing and you only have two years to get a refund if I'm not mistaken. So, get it over with. Unless, you have a real good reason, like covid or illness, death in the family or something.
    Also, you've studied and passed the exam, why wait to apply for the license. Seriously, If you don't have a good reason, and you're really concerned about being denied a license, I would get it done.

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    It begins with a 75
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