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    Just a heads up in regards to AICPA membership. CPA candidates can sign up for an affiliate membership ($35 per year until you pass the exam, 10 yr limit) which entitles you to the AICPA Elite Members program. I just purchased life insurance from the AICPA and it was incredibly cheap (since there are 340,000 members, they get fantastic rates). Anyway, I was paying $34 for life insurance from a private company and the AICPA's was $14 per month for similar coverage!

    In addition to the already low rate, depending on your age, you get a percentage of your premium refunded, making the cost even lower. Just go to and click on Member Benefits. They have many insurance programs. In addition, there are also savings with certain companies (T-Mobile, HP, Hertz, Office Depot etc).

    Even if you have no other reason to join the AICPA, this is worth it. I saved more than my annual yearly dues in less than two months.

    Infomercial over.

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    to add to that, you get a discount on the ethics course that you have to purchase in most (I know not all) states.

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