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    I have a NTS that expires on February 15th and a part that expires on February 28th. With my current work schedule, I could really use the additional study time. I contacted NSBA and this is what they said…if I schedule the exam and NOT take the exam during the current testing window, I would be considered a “no show” and could apply for a new NTS within 48 hours. With the new NTS, I would be able to schedule and take the exam in the same Jan/Feb testing window. Has anyone done this before? I have looked for some sort of documentation on this, but can’t find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Yes. This happened to me and I was able to reapply for a new NTS which allowed me to take it in the same window.


    If your one exam expires on the 28th how could you be a no show and reapply within 48 hours and still take it in February as there is only 28 days in February.


    Update – I was able to reapply and take the exam in the same testing window. I took the exam on the 28th…hopefully the additional $270 was worth it!


    Very interesting – thanks for the info!

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