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    Rachel Rose

    Hey fellow CPA candidates! I need your expert advice 🙂 I have been preparing for FAR using Surgent. I took my first practice test and got a 77%. However, I can’t seem to get my ReadyScore out of the 70s. I assume all the other test prep software has a similar feature of your predicted score. My question is, should I just schedule and take the test soon? Or keep studying in an effort to get my score up into the 80s?

    Do people usually experience a bump in their score from practice test to real test? I am so confused as to what to do right now! Other people I’ve asked have said take it now.

    Also, if anyone has recently taken FAR, what are some big topics to nail down? I keep hearing govt and NFP.

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    I recently just took FAR and passed today.

    I cant say what types of questions your test may have, but in my window NFP and gov were good to have down.

    When I was studying a majority of my practices were in the high 70s and a few 80s here and there. (I used a combination of Becker and Ninja)

    I ended up taking the test while still testing in that range for due to scheduling reasons and because I was really having issues with burnout.

    I ended up with a 75, but I really don't recommend going with this method because I got really lucky on which questions weren't graded.

    In the end, my actual test result was lower than the scores I got while practicing.

    Instead of focusing on practice test scores, take a look at the exam blueprints and see if you have a good knowledge about the topics discussed. If you do, schedule the test. If you don't, keep studying.

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