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    I am scheduled to take the FAR exam on the 28th leaving me today and tomorrow to study. I am overwhelmed with the material, and feel like i have tons more to study, but i don’t want to reschedule. Should I go through my notes and get down the topics as best as I can or should I do as many MCQs as I can? I am preparing with Becker. I have not done any final exams yet. Should i consider that too? FAR has too much material!

    I also have the Becker Final Review program… should i focus on that material over the text? Any advice is much appreciated!

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    Please Let Me Pass

    Definitely focus on the MCQ rather than the notes. You will be killing two birds with one stone if you do the MCQ's.

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    REG: 94
    BEC: 89
    AUD: 1/07/11


    The Final Review MCQs/Sims are useful. They're pretty tough and most of them are new.

    FAR - 7/26/10 - 95
    AUD - 8/10/10 - 88
    BEC - 8/31/10 - 88
    REG - 10/15/10 - 95


    Hey preparing,

    how'd it go??????????

    IL - BECKER=============> DONE
    REG - 80; FAR - 65,79; AUD - 53,78; BEC - 71,68, 75 (used becker and yaeger for 3rd BEC)Ethics 95



    Magic 8,

    I must say that I was really freaked out the few days before the exam as you already know. I felt like there was so much material and that I would never get through all of it. I didn't take any final exams before taking it. The night before the exam, I got to a point where i was not really feeling anything and took a shower and slept. Yesterday, I went in to take the exam and the exam is not as wordy as the becker mcqs. I felt like some things i knew and some i didn't (esp the govt acc and nfp questions). as far as testlet 2, 3 i couldn't really tell it was getting harder or easier. i must say i marked lots of the questions to review. but i spent about 50 min on each testlet and had plenty of the time for the sims. The sims, there were tabs where i just couldnt get it to work, but moved on. i think i went in with a pretty relaxed attitude of if i don't pass, ill just take it again (although it would suck to study for the beast again). i walked out of the testing center really not knowing how i felt about it. i guess only time will tell. now that its done, im not going to think about it until i get the results.

    i have begun studying for reg. i see that you passed magic8! any advice? how do you recommend studying for this?


    I did all the mcq and the exams. I dont have becker final review. I DID let me reemphasize that DID watch a webinar on Club 75 that went over like kind and 1231 1245 1250 assets. WHICH WAS A BIG HELP because becker didnt do such a great job explaining that. I also read jeff's notes and used the flashcards. to be honest i didnt know how i did. i couldn't tell if the questions got harder. b – law was there barely on the exam and to top it off my grandpa's funeral was 4/19 and i took the test on 4/17 and he was my favorite person ever. so i didnt know if that would affect me or not. But I passed!!! Got an 80. So I guess tim gearty's pink dresses must have stood out in my head. LOL you will understand when you get there!!! I did practice the WC's on becker. One of mine on my test was pretty darn close to what becker had in their review. so i was excited about that. Lets i started studying on 3/1 and I watched that webinar on friday 4/16 so it stuck in my head. that gave me plenty of time to study. I did a chapter a week and it worked for me. good luck to you!!!

    IL - BECKER=============> DONE
    REG - 80; FAR - 65,79; AUD - 53,78; BEC - 71,68, 75 (used becker and yaeger for 3rd BEC)Ethics 95



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