Failing FAR again with scores of 68-69! Feeling defeated ! Please help

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    I have failed FAR again for the sixth time with an exact score of 69 as my previous attempt. I feel defeated and lost. I am using Becker and my result shows I'm weaker in SIMs. Also, I struggle to complete the exam. Please can someone help me how can I raise my score to pass this exam? I need to take my exam in next 2 weeks. Please guide me so that I can clear this last exam. Thanks in advance.

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    FAR is tough. I passed on my third try, but it was not any easier than the first two attempts. What turned it around for me was opening the book and taking notes on sticky notes. I would only put key info (definitions, formulas, differences between GAAP vs IFRS, etc) on the sticky notes and then I put them on my wall.

    Writing the info down on notes and reviewing those notes nightly made a huge difference. You would be surprised at how much you can remember when you write things down and review them everyday.

    I also practiced MCQs everyday, but I practiced SIMs just as much. SIMs are the best way to see if you comprehend the concepts and can fit it all together, like a puzzle.

    The only way to pass is to study study study. Take notes, review them daily, practice your MCQs and SIMs daily. I had to give up a lot of my free time to pass this. After work, I took about an hour break to relax, then I studied for the rest of the night. Weekends were for studying. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed my evenings/nights on weekends, but studying was like having another full time job (in my opinion).

    Best of luck to you! Your scores show you have a few gaps you need to close, but I believe you can pass this. One nugget of knowledge I learned from @monikernc: don't aim for a 75 on these exams. If you're only aiming for that, you're setting yourself up for failure. Even though you need a 75 to pass, aim for 100 because you're more likely to study hard. At least, that's what it did for me! I studied as if I wanted a 100, because that made me really dig into the concepts to ensure I understood everything from A-Z.

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    You have to study everything when preparing for a retake. You are not 6 points away, you are 75 points away. Start fresh. Don't rush it. Learn rather than memorize. You can do this! Good luck!🍀

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