20 months to pass all 4 sections before credit expires?

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    The GaJone

    I hadn’t really paid attention to this at first, but I randomly saw the letter I got for passing FAR sitting on my desk and noticed that it says my credit expires on 9/30/2011. I took the test on 1/20/10….so that means that there’s a window of over 20 months to pass the other 3 sections before I lose the FAR credit (though really it’s 19 months I guess, since September is a “dark” month). Has that been the case for everyone? I thought it was only 18 months?

    Also, I took AUD on 2/27 and passed it, and it has the same exact expiration date (9/30/11) as my FAR credit does, which I thought was interesting. So to me it looks like they say whatever date your 18 months falls on, they give you until the end of that window to pass the remaining sections before losing credit. Does that sound right? I always thought it was just 18 months from the day you took the test. Or is that just the case for my state (OH)?

    FAR: 81 (1/20) AUD: 88 (2/27) REG: 91 (4/19) BEC: 75 (5/20)

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    I guess it's 18 months from the end of the window (18 months from 3/31/10). However, this isn't the case for me since I took two exams in the same window (July and August), passed both, and they expire in January and February respectively. Consider yourself lucky I guess?



    I passed FAR in late November 2009, but received my results around Christmas. My expiration date is 06/21/2011 – my understanding of the situation is, the date you were confirmed to officially ‘pass' the first section, is the date that the 18 month window begins (ie November to June would be 19 mos, but December 21 (graded) December 23 (posted) to 06/21/2011 = 18 mos)

    FAR - 75 (11/09) LOST credit
    REG - 79 (06/10) LOST credit
    BEC - 73 (05/03/10), 83 01/14/11 LOST credit
    AUD - 74 (02/28/11) 74!!! (05/30/11)

    BEC - 77 (02/18/14)
    AUD - April
    REG - May
    FAR - Later



    I appeared for BEC exam on May 18, 2009 and expiry date is November 18, 2010 (18 months). Same rule for FAR.

    My state is colorado.

    The rules may be different for different states?

    Syed Zaidi
    BEC Passed, FAR Passed, AUD Passed, REG (Passed), Ethics (Passed), Done


    I think the rules vary by state. Some expire at the end of the month (18 months later) and some expire on the exact date you took the exam.


    The date your credit expires does vary from state to state. When in doubt about losing credit call your state board way in advance to clarify. Good Luck!!

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