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    I did my masters in accounting 20 years ago. I am planning to give FAR in November.I Am using Becker for FAR and I feeling very frustrated when I solve MCQ as I am constantly getting 50% of it wrong. So, feel that Becker book or lectures do not explain lot of concepts in depth and read somewhen that Wiley book goes much more info. Is that correct?what do you all think And how can I improve my mcq score?

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    I find it somewhat normal to not score well when first doing MCQs, so try to focus less on the score, and more on understanding and learning from the question. When doing MCQs, be sure to read the question carefully and go through each of the answer choices. It is also important to understand and take notes as to why that 1 answer is correct and why the other 3 are incorrect. The more MCQs you do, and become familiar with how things are asked, the better you will do. Easier said than done, but don't get discouraged, and keep working your way through the material.

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    Let's be honest, all I care is a 76 on the exam.

    There are some super hard questions on Becker and those will almost never show up on the exam. I did not reach a single page of the Becker book, the equations .. maybe. I think Wiley does a better job, like 5% better.

    Stop looking at the score as a number, look at it as a trend. First time 50, second time 55, improvement. You only need an 80 to get this done. (Hopefully you got time.)

    The exam is very difficult, but think about those nasty clients (or bosses) you've got in the past 20 years, it will be OKAY. Concepts are sometimes very hard, because they are only theory on paper. Think about how these concepts applied in real-life company. You might have known them already but you don't see the terms…

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