Wiley or Gleim?

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    Wiley Question –

    I took Audit in Q4 2017, but have to take it again. My score was really really low.I was weaker in all of my areas on both sims and mcqs compared to those that got a 75-80. I used roger for the videos/mcqs along with ninja mcqs. I want to substitute roger mcqs with another review.

    I followed rogers 3 month planner for his videos. I reviewed in total for about 6 weeks. I just can’t seem to pick the right answers. I really need practice with mcqs. I haven’t picked my next date.

    Just want to pass
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    Broken Toy

    I am using Gleim and I love it. The MCQ are harder than the actual exam and Gleim does a great job of covering all of the topics for the individual sections, when I took FAR I had only one MCQ that I did not feel prepared for.

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    BEC - 97
    FAR - 96
    REG - 92

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    I got the trial for Wiley and it seems pretty good. I'm leaning towards Wiley because it is only 120 but Gleim is a 100 more. But if everyone recommends Gleim, I will go for it rather than keep doing repeats.

    Just want to pass

    I have no experience with Gleim, but I can tell you that Wiley often has technical issues that make it hard to study without access to the software. And for me, I haven’t had great success with Wiley. But that’s because I don’t think it works for me with the way it’s set up.

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    BEC - 84
    FAR - 82
    REG - 78
    Ethics - 95
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    AUD - 56 - 68 - 61 - 9/8/16
    REG - 75
    FAR - 7/15/16
    BEC - TBD

    Wiley CPAexcel and NINJA 10 Point Combo


    I used Roger for AUD and FAR. I'm using Roger for REG too because I purchased the course package of all 4 parts. But, I used Gleim for BEC after working thru 2 sections of it on Roger, and after hearing a lot of comments that Roger's BEC was weak. Some time ago, I did look more extensively at Gleim before buying Roger. Gleim is a pretty high-level review. I'd say if you can do the Gleim program, you should be able to pass all 4 parts pretty easily because the questions are usually a lot harder than those on the actual test. I don't know about Wiley. When I was taking Intermediate Accounting long ago, using a textbook published by Wiley, they contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in signing up for their review course. I was nowhere near ready to start thinking about that at the time (2012). But, I didn't know many people who were using that one. Most of the people I encountered were on Becker or Roger. An old instructor I had in school gave me a set of Gleim's books. I liked them. Still do. But, I think what scared me off of them initially was the difficulty. In retrospect, I wish I'd gone with it instead of Roger. But…that's just me.


    I use Gleim. It is inexpensive and works greatly for me. I scored both FAR and AUD over 90+ on the 1st try.

    Before you decide using Gleim, think about if you can self study well, follow the schedule and put much time, otherwise, Gleim will make you overwhelmed.

    For FAR, I used Gleim text outline, test bank and watched both Gleim video and Wiley video. Pam Smith in Wiley video explain some terms very clearly.

    For AUD, I used Gleim text outline, text bank but I did not watch any video (Gleim video is not good. The instructor just repeats the outline). I used Becker text and my college text for better explanation of some terms or examples.


    I use Gleim after using Becker before. So far I'm 2 for 2 with REG and FAR…currently studying for BEC. Gleim will frustrate you at times with the difficulty but come exam day you will be happy. I can attest to that with my FAR exam because some of the SIMS were so complex without using a strong review program I probably would've failed. I'm a believer in Gleim

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 79
    REG - 84



    FAR 8/20/15 - Passed 77
    AUD 10/10/15 -


    I’d skip Wiley unless you want to strive for a 99 on every section. There’s way too much information and their website has a lot of issues. I feel like 1-2 years ago it was fine but more people are using it and there server cannot handle it. Plus they are always updating content and layout of the website, which causes issues. I had it for a few months and decided to go back to Becker because I couldn’t tolerate the errors and outages. Good luck OP!

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