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    I am still unsure, which review should I choose.
    1) Gleim – MAYBE, but I am afraid of overwhelming material. No mobile version, only flash cards in the most expensive.
    2) Roger – MAYBE, but I don’t like his book. I think it focuses on memorizing instead of on explaining.
    3) Wiley – YES??? It looks quite perfect for me, but it’s expensive (I just missed a huge discount) and it doesn’t have audio, which you can download and listen to while driving.
    4) Yaeger – NO – Their books look like short notes, too less exercises and I don’t like his accent (I’m not an English native speaker, so it’s important for me). It seems too be not enough.
    5) Surgent – NO – I don’t trust this system.
    6) Becker – NO – Great, but too expensive.
    [I can be wrong I saw only trial versions of these courses.)
    I’m very surprised because a lot of people say that Wiley doesn’t have too much explanation in books, but I think it and Becker have the most complete books.

    I studied accounting, but not in the U.S., so I need explanations. The most important for me is a printed book with a lot of information which I need. I would also like to have mobile version and audio>/b>. I want to trust one review and focus on it, I don’t want to have any supplement. Any advice?

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    The way the material was structured was very intuitive and easy to understand and each topic completes the next. Some of the other features I really liked were the Smartpath. It’s Roger's way of tracking your progress by comparing your results to students who have already passed the exam. Really unique and great tool, you use it to see what areas you need to focus more on. Another feature is the study hub, its a huge data base of students submitted questions and specific detailed answers from the Roger’s accounting experts. It’s really helpful if you get stuck on a question.
    The mobile app- You can literally study and pass all the CPA exams just by using your phone. From what I’ve seen, Roger has THE BEST mobile app in the market. Oh, also once you get their elite package you own it until you pass all the exams.
    I highly recommend Roger. But don't just take my word for it, I think they have a 2 weeks free trial so give it a try before you make a decision!

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