So frustrated with CPA Wiley study guide- for UNA

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    Hope you good people will have some ideas for me.

    I am taking Financial reporting 1 and 2 with UNA via CPA Wiley. While I like that CPA Wiley is pretty thorough, some aspects are frustrating. For ex., the chapter on BS talks about all kinds of stuff but the actual stuff being tested in their MCQ’s that follow. For ex., current assets include CSV of life insurance for corp. execs and salaries advances, along with advances made to suppliers. I only get to know this while doing MCQ. It makes no mention of this in the study guide. I take detailed notes and review them only to find they are useless for the test bank! Professor Farhat’s lectures on Youtube are more useful to answer these than the study guide!

    It takes me more than 3 hours to get through a chapter because I take notes on everything and there are 5-6 in each module, with a total of 8 modules. I just can’t seem to figure out what’s important, so I take a lot of notes.

    I study full time and am not getting through much. I find I learn so much better doing just MCQ’s and don’t retain much from the study guide because not many questions on that stuff is in the test bank. I review my notes on it painstakingly every morning but takes me another hour or so.

    Another example is the FV chapter where there is a section in the guide in which it tells you about specifics of FV disclosure in IS and BS. I am damn sure I won’t retain any of that a day in and my notes cant get too concise due to sheer amount of details

    I am kind of at my wits end. What should i do? SHould i just go slower and expect to complete the courses slower than I intially thought? Should I quit the note taking and only watch the Youtube lectures where I am not comprehending things?

    Disclaimer: I am seeing these courses for the first time and haven’t taken accounting classes before.


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    Hasn't anyone taken UNA/CPA Wiley in here?


    Hopefully you'll check back in and see this, but yes I know your frustration. I have not taken the UNA courses, although I know what you're talking about as I've had some friends go through the Master's program. But to me, it is an absolute brain-scratcher as to how so many people report having passed with Wiley, or having effective study habits.

    I have been on again off again studying for awhile after two failed AUD attempts with Wiley, and I still haven't quite figured it out. The amount of detail provided is absolutely unnecessary for some topics. Like WTF is up with the info overload on IASB and IFRS framework? You may have 5 questions on that tops, and those questions could be answered by the text integrating the differences between GAAP and IFRS, not by showing me everything under the sun about IFRS. If you find a way to study with this effectively, please let me know.


    Thanks for the reply CPAExhail.
    I got through the initial hump and learned to focus more on the stuff that is quizzed in the Assessments that contain past CPA exam questions. I also noticed that the videos emphasize the more important stuff. Since it's the first time for me, the detail probably helps. When I actually take the exam, I will probably sign up for Rogers so that should help bring things together for me. Do you have the Wily test bank? I heard those are full of past exam questions and might help you hone in on what's more importnat.


    I am running into new problems though.
    I ask questions on the discussion forum and the professor, Dr. Bain seems to point me to sections that don't exist in my Study Guide. Also sometimes he points out that I am reading out-dated stuff and need to ‘update' my exam planner. Obviously I have no clue what he is talking abt and if you ask too many questions, he dings you.
    So I ask the UNA profs and they reveal very little. Finally, after a lot of back and forth, I realized that if you are taking classes through UNA online, you don't get access to everything and perhaps don't get up-to-date material?

    The particular section I am stuck in is Investments. While the vast majority is up-to-date there might be a sentence in a table here or there that is still old GAAP. It worries and frustrates me that may be I am learning old stuff. Has anyone been through this? It takes a hundred emails to the professor who sometimes won't reveal anything. This time I have a nice guy who answers my emails, but won't give me the entire picture, till I go back and ask him very specifically if we are not given all the material Wiley has.


    Sorry for the delay, I just found this post recently. I feel the same way. I am in my first class with them and i don't believe the study guide provided through the website and the homework questions are sufficient to prepare you for the questions on the exams.
    If I didn't already pass the CPA exams before signing up and have my own study materials to rely on, i don't think i would be able to pass my UNA class. It doesn't seem like enough material is provided to make these a stand alone course.
    I still have one more exam to complete for the end of the class. I don't know yet if I'll be taking another one with UNA or switching programs. Best of luck to you and hope everything worked out.


    Hi Mumbles,
    I recently bought one course from UNA CPA excel. Did not realize that others are having issues too with this course. Just wondering did you take another course from UNA CPAexcel and it really helped you in passing your FAR? Now I am just thinking even if it’s worth? Initially I set a target of doing all this program in one year as I am short in accounting credit hours but now I think it’s taking more time from what I have assumed. If it’s going to help in my exam, I will go for it and if not then I will stop wasting my money.
    Any guidance is appreciated!

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