Wiley Question – Financial Reporting Difficulty

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    I am currently enrolled in a financial reporting class through the University of North Alabama’s Accounting Career Completion program. The class uses the Wiley CPA Excel material as the course content. I will preface the following comments with the fact that I do not have an accounting degree, and it has been around eighteen years since I have taken any accounting classes. That said, I am having a horrible time applying the content of the lesson to the associated assessment questions. It feels as if there are gaps in the content, and I am missing, or not understanding, important foundational concepts. I respect that the CPAExcel program is designed to prepare prospective CPA candidates that have an accounting background for the exam, but I feel completely out of my element. I purchased an intermediate accounting textbook to supplement the lessons, but I still feel completely overwhelmed with the assessment questions, and I do well to break fifty-five percent correct on the test bank questions. My misery is compounded to a degree, as I am struggling to pass the course’s quizzes and tests, and I am afraid I may fail the class. Any advice in regard to studying or working through the CPAExcel modules that would be applicable to an individual trying to learn financial accounting for the first time?

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