Surgent CPA Review ReadySCORE vs CPA Exam

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    Hi Guys, I’ve recently jumped back into studying for the CPA exam after taking nearly 3 years off (many failed attempts). I am using Surgent CPA review because it didn’t expire. My first exam to attack is FAR. My question is if there are similarities between the questions in the study module and how they compare to the actual exam? Also, i’ve set the date to sit for the exam as March 6th, which is approximately 39 days from now, is that sufficient enough while working full time or should i push to a later date? Right now my Surgent Ready Score is at 39% which is horrible and I know i need to be at 80% before sitting. Any tips, suggestions would be helpful.


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    I am using surgent or trying figuring it out I should say. There is no way to know if the questions are similar to the exam, but I assume the exam or blueprint is where the questions come from. I suggest you follow the instructions of surgent or prepare to marathon study and supplement with other questions. March 10th is it for this window, so if you have time to study, don't waste it. If you don't have time, check yourself discipline to get that score up. It is going to take work. I found out the hard way MANY times, that there is no EASY way to pass this test. I tried cramming, skimming, skipping topics and etc all to no avail. You must study if you're gonna pass. Good luck and keep those fingers crossed for the rest of us.

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    Thanks @Tncincy! I have created a plan of attack with FAR. Although, I think the adaptive learning option is cool but I get major scatter brain when I can't piece things together. So I've opted to do the linear approach to start and then in review do adaptive to target and work on weaknesses. Good Luck to you as well!

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