Wiley Study Guide vs Roger (FAR)

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    Anyone feel Roger + Ninja is enough for FAR? I'm 25% through Roger's course and so far (knock on wood) it feels easy. Anyone have experience with Roger and the Wiley Book? I know it won't hurt to buy the book but if Roger's book is enough for some of you maybe I will just save the money. I'll only have AUD left and that's probably my weakest subject since I don't work in public, might just splurge and buy that one. Thanks in advanced

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    Roger + Ninja MCQ is just enough to pass (I got a 77 with one try), Wiley is overkill. I used the Wiley book a couple of times for areas that Roger just skimmed.

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    I used Roger & Ninja and barely passed, but ironically was the only exam I didn't have to retake. He does a great job explaining the hard subjects like bonds and leases, but he tends to skim through some of the less important topics. If I hadn't just finished a Gov/NFP class a few days before I started studying, I definitely would have failed.

    Ninja mcq is a great supplement and will help fill in the gaps.

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