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    gerald kleiman

    Hi everyone,

    Roger says to get the professional literature for REG from cornell's website and play with the database on the practice cpa software from NASBA (which does not have the full code). The AICPA professional literature that you get access with an NTS doesn't include the IRS code.
    My question is, is there any database that I can have access to the IRS code that includes a “search” function”? Thanks

    Ninja wannabe
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    Uhm… Whenever I do a REG research SIM, I have this as another tab. If you get a TS one, then you have to go to AICPA and get the 6 months access. But there are like maybe 5 TS questions from his IPQ? Since they're all from accountant's liability. Don't stress for the TS ones.

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    Sticky Nicky


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    gerald kleiman

    thanks @hasy
    @sticky nicky, are you insinuating that you have sniffed too much today (with your snide remark)?

    Ninja wannabe
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