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    Hey eveyrone,

    It's probably annoying as everyone is going through the highs and lows of score release (site crashed on me for an hour at 12 45 NY time this morning and fortunately have a wife external to the neurosis of this exam who just made me realize how silly it was to continue trying to get my score every few minutes and wait until later in the morning).

    Anyway, I had used Wiley CPA Excel for FAR – got an 81 out of it, but didn't like the dry style, so switched to Roger for Audit – got an 88 out of that. I'm waiting on my NTS and will probably spring for Roger, but I know Roger's Audit section is one of his highlights, and I thought it was perfect for my needs.

    However, after FAR, Auditing was like a connected story, at least the way Roger presented it. I see conflicting views here on the sufficiency of his material. I'm sold on him due to Audit, but I feel Audit is more unique regarding its subject matter, thanks everyone for any input!



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