Roger CRAM AUDIT – Worth spending money ( a week before exam) ?

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    Hi guys, I ve heard Roger Audit review is great, but I want to ask those who used Cram version. Do you think it worth to buy – I have exam in 9 days. Thanks!

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    I did not use the Cram version.
    What are you using to study now?

    My understanding of the Roger Cram courses is that they are more or less the same videos, but they select the most consistently tested topics to condense the time invested.
    If you have the full course, you will probably see the same videos over again, but I could be way off.

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    I have the Roger Audio for AUD, which from what I've heard is basically just his CRAM without the video. He speeds through the major topics, and you really have to listen close to catch important pieces of information.

    I think the time might be better spent learning from MCQ's and doing SIMs.

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    I agree with Kahloon – the audio is hard to follow, and would be even more so if you haven't used Roger's full course. But I don't have experience with the other CRAM materials.
    I also agree that practice tests are a much better way to review at the end. That and re-writing notes. Good luck to you 🙂

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    @Recked is correct, Roger's CRAM courses are exactly that – his videos/textbook condensed to about 70 % (could be wrong) of the regular full course, covering the most important topics (at least what he considers to be). I've used it for AUD & BEC (along with Roger's regular course), though I don't really look at the text.

    I know it seems like overkill and useless, but I usually begin my first session around 3 am after 3 – 4 hours of sleep a night, and one thing I learned is I'm much better at more passive learning (video lectures/text) between 3 and 4 am, at which point my brain warms up enough to tackle MCQs etc. So even in my review phase, I like to just watch videos straight through even if just for osmosis.

    That being said, I've read where people have strictly used his CRAM as their main study tool but I couldn't vouch for that, and if you're short on time it probably works but if not it's better just to spring for the regular course. Best of luck.



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