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    I'm a lurker of this forum and have finally decided to join. Reading previous posts, I noted that the IPQs from Roger review is “simple” and read suggestions to supplement the review with Wiley's test bank. Does this mean I shouldn't use the IPQs? I would like to see some examples to apply what I've learned so far from his book as I go along; otherwise, I tend to get lost.

    Should I go over his lectures/read his material and then try to find corresponding MCQs from the Wiley review as they're harder? Or, should I just use his IPQs and then supplement with Wiley test bank after I'm done going over Roger MCQs? I don't want to waste my time going over questions that won't help me, and I'm not sure how people who used Roger and passed did theirs.

    My original plan was to go through Roger IPQs as I go through each chapter and then hit MCQs hard at the end once I've understood the concepts with Ninja MCQs…..

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    I have taken the test twice now and worked through thousands and thousands of questions leading up to it. In my opinion, yes you should supplement with Wiley and/or Becker if you can get your hands on a question bank. It seems to me that Roger questions rarely if ever match the difficulty of a “hard” FAR testlet whereas those other sources are actually providing much harder questions in some cases (compared to the test itself) which will really test your knowledge and enhance your preparedness.

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    Roger's IPQ's are good to use as you're initially going through the material. Not all of them are “easy” and he does have a lot of the same harder questions that other tb's have. Once you get through the material I would switch to Ninja until your exam.

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    I'm going to agree with @Re2pect here. I think Roger's IPQ's are decent for learning the material / using on your initial go through. While it does have some of the harder ones, I think most are geared towards helping you understand the concept more than applying them to not necessarily harder but definitely trickier questions like you will see on test day. After the pass through I would switch over to Ninja which personally I think does a great job with helping you learn how to apply the concepts that Roger's taught you to hard / tricky MCQ's

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    Thank ya'll for clearing that up for me! I really appreciate it.

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    I don't think it hurts to use multiple sources for questions, but I passed FAR on my first attempt only using Roger MCQ (this was back in February). I did not do every question either. Some people emphasize quantity, but I think if you take your time on understanding the answer explanations and the WHY the answer is correct, you get alot more out of Roger's program. Good luck!

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