Is there an easier or smarter way to combine outdated Roger with updated NINJA?

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    My material from Roger is updated to at least early 2015.
    I KNOW that we shouldn't use outdated material, but in checking with Roger about getting an updated course, his “prior student discount” went down and his price went up. The only way I can get his update material at a bargain would be to buy it all at once, something I'm not keen on doing.
    I've gone over all his REG material once, and am working my way completely through the FAR material for the first time now. I have never even touched the AUD an BEC material I have of his.
    He's an excellent teacher, and I think that overall the vast majority of any one of the four subjects will be the same, so learning or re-learning the stuff from Roger I think is a good idea.I plan to go through my Roger stuff, one exam at a time, then go to the NINJA book as an up-to-date supplement.

    Is there an easier way to do this, combine the two?

    Is this even a smart move on my part?


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    i used the roger videos that are free on youtube for some aud, bec and reg topics i needed help on and they were really good. used some miles videos too. and my fave Allan Mursau for a lot of FAR topics mostly in school.

    my primary sources were ninja book and mcq for these exams. read the books once and hit mcqs hard. videos only when stuck or needed a kickstart on a topic.

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