Is Roger CPA good?

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    Hello All!
    I am trying for the CPA again, and I’ve tried Becker but i didn’t pass i only passed Audit and didn’t manage to do the rest. Now I want to try again but I dont think Becker is it for me, the time limit is too stressful so I’m thinking Roger? Do you recommend? If not which can you recommend for me?

    Thank you.


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    You'll hear that everyone is different in their learning styles and that the best thing to do is sign up for the trials and see which one you like the best. I'm using Roger because I'm more of a lecturer type person in that I want someone to tell me what is important and I like seeing problems worked. He is entertaining but compared to other reviews it feels like he has 30 videos over a topic while other reviews might only have 10 videos. So, I feel like it drags for me.

    I took FAR back in November and made a 74 and I think the simulations are what kill me. My line of work we just don't use 90% of what is in FAR. It's a credit union.

    What does bother me about Roger is that he'll sometimes keep looking over off to one side of him and I'm like..what or who is he looking at? Then he'll motion almost like it's a professor noticing a student walking into class late and he is motioning them to come in and take a seat. He does that a lot. Also, because of so many changes that happen so quickly, he'll do a voice over on some of what he is saying to make it current. As an example I'm watching REG videos right now and phase out amounts that change, he'll voice over the original video and he'll say the new phase out amounts. It's rather funny but distracting watching the video from him having dark hair 10 – 15 years ago to all of a sudden he is grey.

    But, I can get past that. He does keep me entertained and I think you can pass with any review if you put in the time and study and don't let yourself get distracted. Also, don't drag out the study time too long. I think I did that with FAR too. So, I started having trouble remembering so much detail.

    Try out the free trials and see what you like. I do also have Surgent paid for and started watching the REG videos and all I'll say is that I have underwear older than the young lady who was reading the information on the video. No offense to being young, I wish I were in my early 30s again, but she was just reading notes and really not much real life examples which help me understand it better.

    Hope that helps somewhat?

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.
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    Ninja books and mcq’s were all I needed.

    AUD - 93
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 76
    REG - 88
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    Ninja book and MCQs and the forum, all first try! 2016
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    Ninja Book and MCQ and the forum - all the way!!!
    and a little thing i like to call, time and effort!
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    Love Roger! Hes hilarious and he will keep you awake for a long time although Im using Wiley. I have to admit, wiley book is better than roger though.

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    BEC - 76
    FAR - 80
    REG - 77
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    BEC 64,60,50,70,67,71,76

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    I like Roger. I think his videos and explanations of concepts are great and he’s definitely entertaining! I did find the Wiley test bank to be a good supplement for extra practice questions. If you buy Roger, I would not recommend buying the cram books. They’re really just a shortened version of his textbooks and I didn’t find much value in them. But like sdollen64 said, you should do a free trial of different review courses to see which one works best for your learning style 🙂

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    FAR-72, 55, 82 (Roger + Wiley TB)
    AUD-66, 92 (Roger)
    REG-71, 81 (Roger + Wiley TB)
    BEC-77 (Roger)
    Ethics- 93

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    I think there is a lot of value to the cram lectures, especially if you're short on time or on the other hand if you already went over the normal lectures then the cram is a quick way to cover everything again. In general I highly recommended Roger, his lectures are full of energy and they are structured in a very logical and intuitive way. Besides the great lectures Roger has a lot of cool features that you should look at like their Smartpath, study hub, flashcrads mobile app. Oh and also they offer the best value in my opinion, the price for the elite package is unbeatable and you get it until you pass!

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    Yes after watching all the Roger lectures for the regular course, I would recommend. He teaches the whole exam so he knows how to break down the exam material. The questions also incorporate the AICPA blueprints similar to how NINJA does it. I used NINJA to supplement BEC & AUD.

    REG - 91 (May 18 2020)

    FAR - 89 (Aug 24 2020)

    BEC - 95 (Sept 28 2020)

    AUD - 90 (Nov 12 2020)

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    Roger is an absolute God send. I like the lectures and the questions and the fact that I can go back over the questions I missed. Or the lectures again and again without any worries. I also took advantage of the price, I’ve tried other programs with expirations but here I can get it all and not worry about expiring materials or if I don’t pass. Which I plan to pass. It is perfect so far.

    It begins with a 75
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    It begins with a 75
    Been here too long as a cheerleader....ready to pass

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    Agree with @sdollen64. It is best to try out the free trials and see what works best for you. I've paid for Becker twice (granted with a discount) and wish I would've signed up for Roger sooner. After not passing FAR this summer, I purchased the one section with Roger and am enjoying it so far. I'm about half way through the lectures but I'm finding myself having more “yes, I understand. That makes sense.” moments. I am taking notes as the lectures progress, rather than the highlighting and underlining I was doing with Becker.

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    REG: 66, 68, 64, 62, 73, 68, 71, 77*

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