FAR retake Roger vs CPA excel

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    I have taken FAR in July 2016 and got 68 with Roger CPA.

    I am aiming again in July 2017. Question for the lecture. I want to re watch the video and read the book again to refresh. Do you recommend Watching roger video or cpaexcel video for FAR? I will use wiley test bank for MCQ. I have watched roger lecutre last year and feel i am missing concepts. Please help!

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    A review course is a review course. It skims the highlights based on the AICPA Content Specification Outlines..
    If you have trouble with a topic, my best advice is to grab an accounting text and go that route. Or use the tons of free resources online.

    Some people “get” it by doing millions of MCQ, but with the test changing, alot of the guessing factor is now gone. I still think the hammer MCQ route is inefficient. But if it works for some, I guess it works for them.

    And I mean we want to be accountants right?

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