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    So I'm using Roger and feel like I know the information in the lectures and test book frontwards and backwards. Now I'm on to the online MCQs, and literally 40% of the material is not covered in the course. Anyone else out there pass REG with Roger? And if so was the course work enough or did you find that the online MCQ information is what helped you to pass?

    FAR 75
    BEC 81
    AUD 71, 84
    REG 69, 71, 83
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    Many people have passed regulation using roger's CPA course. Reading chapters and watching lectures are not enough. Hit MCQ real hard. Read all explanations for right and wrong answers. I also use Rogers CPA review course and will be ready to take regulation section by end of this month.

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    I just purchased Roger CPA review material and NINJA REG MCQ and 60% of the material covered in Roger's review course was part of the NINJA's REG MCQ. I'm hoping as I get further along with the review course, there will be more correlation between the two study material.

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    I only used Roger and passed REG with an 87. I think 40% might be an exaggeration – but I believe I had to read the text and study the MCQ explanations more than with the other sections. “If you study – you will pass!”

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    Rogers is very helpful for the tax side but I would use ninja notes for ten law side. I failed REG the first time with a 74 and passed the second time

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    I supplemented Roger with Ninja MCQ when I took REG. I believe it was a great move. Don't sleep on the TBS. Ninja has great simulations to work on. I'd say better than Roger's selection.

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    I learned a lot from Roger's lectures. I supplemented his material with Becker MCQs and Sims. I would never listen to a Becker lecture. I don't know how you guys do it

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