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    Has anyone used the Cram Review from Roger? I am re-taking audit at the end of May. I have Roger and Ninja MCQ as of now. I am wondering if purchasing the Cram material is worth it.

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    I had purchased the elite version that included the cram course and honestly it was the worst mistake. The videos are basically whats in his regular course but its not all of them. So if you like to watch the videos you are better off using what you already have. However, the book is good if you want to get a quick read. But to pay that much price just for the book I don't think its worth it. Unless you can find a used book online somewhere. Hopefully that helps you.

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    I agree with mohit30. I have not used the Audit Cram Course but I briefly looked at his Reg course. I got it for free so I'm glad I didn't waste my money on that. The lectures for the Cram really are basically the same lectures as his regular review course; maybe just a couple of hours shorter. Even the textbook was almost identical to his regular text.

    I honestly passed all four sections thanks to Roger but I would definitely not waste my money on a review course…at least not his. You might be better off paying for Ninja. I never used it but most people seem to really like it.

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    I can say his AUD Cram is most of regular videos excluding some Question sections. I just have retaken AUD too. One advantage is that the CRAM note has shorten my time a lot for reviewing the course again and it's summary of all the concepts which I like it. If you can find CRAM note, you do not have to buy his CRAM. Just read it together with his lecture videos that you think it's your weak area.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks all. I think I will just stick with Roger and Ninja MCQ. I already have notes typed out from last time I studied. Just going to fill in anything I may have missed and do some more flash cards. Gotta hit the TBS more and make sure I get in 80-100 MCQ a weekday.

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