Anyone used Roger CRAM for FAR?

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    Has anyone used Roger CRAM for FAR recently? I am wondering if it is worth the money. I am also wondering when you should start it? The week before your exam, or earlier?

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    I used Roger CRAM for FAR. The CRAM is just summary of all the topics with just the major areas covered, it definitely helped refresh my memory on topics i had forgotten about since FAR had a lot of material to cover. I used it about a week before exam date.

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    I used it as well. It's quick, down and dirty. I used it to focus in on where I thought my weak areas were the last week prior to my exam.

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    Thanks! I will give it a try. Do you get a physical textbook or is it just digital?

    • FAR - 81 - JUN 7th, 2016
    • BEC - 85 - AUG 23rd, 2016
    • AUD- 80 - OCT 5th, 2016
    • REG- 77 - DEC 2nd, 2016


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    I used it on my most recent take and pass on FAR. If you have the full Roger course it is just a condensed version of that so it is not so wonderful for an existing subscriber. It is gold if you are not a Roger customer with the full course. He walks through problems in detail and is dead on correct about what they tend not to ever test on.

    You do get a book with UPS but it is also online as part of the class.

    I can't say CRAM is directly responsible for my passing after 2 fails but it helped. CRAM cleared up things like OCI and how accumulated OCI is related to owner's equity for me. I picked up maybe 3-5 key things that are vital to know.

    If you can spare the loot buy CRAM.

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    I liked the CRAM videos and book better than the Regular Course videos and book haha. I'd definitely recommend them.

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    If you already use Roger's full course, you can get away with his audio courses as well. Audio courses are MP3 version of his CRAM and follow the same course textbook. Way cheaper and as effective.

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