WIley book or Ninja book?

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    Or which book?

    I have been reviewing using WIley, but without the books…They actually told me to hold off on buying them until a few weeks ago due to some major changes happening (about a couple month ago they told me that)…So I know that the WIley book is updated…But I wonder if I should buy a book from another review course – just because I don't know if that was the reason I stopped studying 6 years ago, when I used WIley materials…Something in me just gave up…Wonder if I should get a book from another course… Would they let me buy just the book?


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    For $67, you can get the ninja book and everything else (notes, audio, etc) and a month of the MCQ.

    Try it for a week for free: https://www.another71.com/ninja-cpa-review-free-trial/

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    As someone that started with Wiley and ended up with Ninja after multiple failures, I definitely say get Ninja. If nothing else, it's a wonderful supplement to the Wiley materials on information you may not understand, but it's also a great standalone product if you feel like you aren't getting what you need with Wiley.

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    I had neither of those options, but of the 2 course textbooks I did have… one had a keyword index in the back, and the other did not.
    Was super useful for review or quick lookup. Highly recommend you pick the book that has a keyword index, if either option does. It was a valuable resource.
    Who doesn't put an index in their books….? Crazy.

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    I struggled with reading the book. Not which one to get. An index would be good to find the topics after doing miserable on MCQ's. I've separated the book in tabs to find subjects, but I still can't bring myself to read the entire book. Good luck picking one. Back to study.

    It begins with a 75
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