Those of you who are using the NINJA approach…..

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    I've always followed the NINJA approach since I learned about it, but this time I'm following it to the T. When you are in the “Non-Stop MCQs” step, how is everyone scoring? My exam is 3 weeks away and my average score is 65. Do you think it's wise of me to move onto the next step of re-writing the notes or should I continue to work on MCQs? Or a mixture of both? What do you guys do?

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    i would rewrite the notes now, it'll take you about a week to complete. then do non stop mcq up until test day.

    also, your scores may improve after you rewrite the notes

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    If you have the time to do a mixture, do that. If not re-write your notes and then go back to nonstop MCQ's. I usually leave the 10 days prior to the exam for MCQ's only.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Thanks guys!! I was thinking I would probably pick up some extra points while rewriting the NINJA notes. I guess an average of 65 isn't to bad considering I still have 3 weeks.

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    @JoMarie, the notes that I mailed you, those are the only notes that I rewrote for BEC. Since it was all of the formulas it worked really well! You're going to kick butt in a few weeks!

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    I am planning on rewriting my notes this time! I haven't so far but I just don't know what else to do for AUD. Will do MCQs next two weeks, rewrite notes 3rd week, and MCQs fourth week until test day. Hopefully, three times a charm.

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    Hey, I wanna buy the Ninja notes, do they come in PDF? or do they send me hard copies? or how does the process go, because it says download within seconds and it says shipping address ( where the products will be shipped to), so how does it work?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Great question – there is no shipping – they are a PDF. I need to get rid of the shipping box 🙂

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    The week before the test I read through the Ninja Notes once a day. I never rewrote them, but that's just me…

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    @Peanut – I was planning on rewriting the NINJA notes along with the ones you mailed me. I'm not taking any shortcuts. BEC is going DOWN on April 2nd!!!!

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