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    I am starting to re-study FAR on Sunday. I made a 68 so I know I have to start from scratch but wanted some advice on changing the way I study. On Jeff’s NINJA notes, he recommends listening to all the lectures then doing the MCQ. I see where he is coming from but am afraid that since Becker FAR is 9 Lectures long that I maybe should stop in the middle or something. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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    I wouldn't re-do the lectures again…they take too long. Focus on understanding the material directly from reading the book. I took FAR 3 times (passed the 3rd time). My mistakes were missing out on material because I didn't go through every topic…you must cover all topics….you dont have to know everything about every topic but try to understand some of it. The items they say “you must know”….those are items you focus 100% of your time on. and of course….keep doing multiple choice questions over and over again….but be careful to not memorize the answers…so go on and change it up a little….


    I agree with wishingIneverstarted about studying the text rather than redoing the lectures. The books will cover the material in as much detail if not more. Unless there is a point that you need additional clarification on that you can get from the lectures, you're probably wiser spending your time on studying the text and doing lots of MCQ. Definitely study every single topic. I'd recommend adding a test bank for additional MCQ if you aren't already using one. I used Wiley which I thought was excellent for FAR, but I've heard a lot of good things about Gleim as well.

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    Sweet! Thanks for the pointers! I am glad yall don't think I should do the lectures again. I was really dreading that. So I should read and take notes and do a bazillion MCQ. I do have another concern. All of my tests I have done terrible on the Simulations. Anyone have any suggestions?

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