So how do you use your NINJA notes?

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    Hey everyone,

    So basic question here is what do you think is the best way to utilize your NINJA notes? I only have FAR left to take and did not discover these notes until now. But I was curious, are more people using these as a review, a high level overview before diving in, or simply a refresher along the way? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as I’d like to approach this as efficiently as possible.


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    Great question…I'm curious how people are using them as well (during your full course or as a final look at things, etc)

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    I use them in my last week of studying. I uploaded the .pdf into iBooks, so its really the only “on the go” study material I have. I know some people (maybe most?) take notes on the Ninja Notes. I just read it through. It serves as a really good refresher for me.


    Hi. I am new to this forum and just started posting but here is my 2 cents for what it's worth. I discovered the notes on REG…sadly I did not pass but hold out hope I can beat it next time! I review the notes before I watch the lecture to give me an overview. After I have watched all the lectures (and taken my own notes) I complete the MCQ's again (and again) during my final review. While I am doing the MCQ's I combine my notes onto the NINJA notes for any subjects not necessarily covered or what I think needs further clarification (for me). Also if I miss a question I review the answer and write that on the notes. Finally I take all of what I have now written on the NINJA notes and rewrite those notes one week to ten days before the exam. It seems like a lot and one would think I would have passed but I totally blew the sims!! I think the NINJA notes are fantastic and I am so thankful to have them as a resource. Plus you can shuffle them in with your work and read them during the day and act like you are working…haha…or is that just me? 🙂 Good luck!

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    It's a great tool to get another angle or point of view on a topic than how your review course teaches it. This often helped me understand a topic more thoroughly. Also, once I was done watching a video lecture on a certain section and taken notes on that section, I would then look at the NINJA notes to make my notes more complete.

    Hope that makes sense. The NINJA notes for REG especially are fantastic. I supplemented Roger CPA with them.


    I am using it now for REG. It is my “I don't feel like researching why I got my question wrong inside of becker's thick book guide”. So basically when I get a question wrong I look it up in the Ninja notes and somehow a light goes off. the notes are straight to the point!

    good luck

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    I actually used Ninja notes for all four sections and I use them at the beginning and end of my review. At the beginning, I read through and re-wrote them at least once to get a high level idea of what this test is going to consist of, what areas I think I might be weak on etc. Then I do my normal review with Wiley, and if I feel like Im getting too lost in the details and forgetting the big picture, I go back to reading the ninja notes again. I try to remember that there are lots of topics included on the exam, and not to get too obsessed or discouraged by one or two that im struggling with. At the end of the review, I read and re-write ninja notes again, and if there is anything I dont feel like Im familiar enough with, I go back to Wiley and re-work that section.


    Wow, I appreciate all the responses from everyone, sounds like there is a great variety in the timing people have in using the notes but one definite trend has been rewriting the notes (which I know Jeff encourages). I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks for the input everyone1


    I'm trying a slightly different approach with AUD, simply because I'm not able to put as many hours per day as I was in the past. I went through and watched all the Becker videos first, and then did all the MCQ one time through. Currently, I'm rewriting the NINJA notes. (rewriting definitely helps me learn). I plan to watch A1-A3 again, then do all the MCQ, then A4-A5, and do all the MCQ. And the sims along with them. Then I plan on using NINJA notes to review.

    @rml, NINJA notes and study guide are the same thing.


    I read my Ninja Notes off my Ipad late night while in bed!

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    I like how there's only like 8 lines per page =)

    just bought it for audit, dont plan on using it until my last 10 days for review, where i will be rewriting notes that I highlighted in the book during the video lecture…and of course doing extra mcqs.


    I read them while working out at the gym.

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