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    Thinking of ordering ninja notes to restudy FAR..only have a month to study..should I use them…what are y’all’s experience with them…are they good for using as the only thing you are studying or are they only good additions to another study material? Thanks

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    Good question – the short answer is yes 🙂

    User feedback:

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    I bought the NINJA Notes for AUD and, after using them once, I'll be sure to get the NINA Notes for the next two tests. NINJA NOTES ROCK!

    Thanks for offering the product, Jeff!

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    Heck ya get some ninja notes, i believe that they have been a real big key in getting the three passing scores that have i have got and will be in gettin the last one as well. i read the heck out of them and make sure to rewrite them once. looks like a dog has tried to eat them because they are so bent up from being shoved in my bag and taken everywhere. thanks for some kick-A notes Jeff.

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    I third (fourth?) all that. I love them and think they are fantastic. I have the Wiley focus notes on my nook on loan and they have a bit too much “meat” for my liking. Ninja notes are pretty bare bones which is perfect for me.

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    Mrs 300

    I don't know what it is about the Ninja notes, but for some reason, they just stick in your head. I always kept them close by when I was studying for FAR the second time (at my desk, in my kitchen, on my phone) and whenever I had spare time, I'd review them.

    I really felt like they brought everything together for me. They served as a reference for me. When I had a problem understanding something in Becker, I would reference the Ninja notes. I only used them for FAR the second time I took it and my only regret is that I did not purchase them for the other sections when I started my CPA journey!

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