REG Time Crunch – NINJA Notes Enough?

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    I’m in my final review stage for Saturday’s exam and I really need to focus a lot of my time on the tax portion because I’m not a tax person. Bought Jeff’s NINJA notes and want to know if just reviewing the business law sections there will be enough to get me through. My review course is has extensive blaw coverage and I just don’t think I’ll have time to get through it all. Thoughts? Advice? I’ll take any advice I can get.

    FAR 88 (07/15/11)
    BEC 83 (08/31/11)
    AUD 81 (10/15/11)
    REG 83 (11/26/11)

    Used NIU Correspondence CPA Review

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    I would say yes. The business law questions in my review (Becker), were much harder than the exam.


    To be honest, though…. I've never seen the Ninja notes. My point is, just a basic understanding of the important topics in summary form should be enough.

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