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    Hello, can someone tell me if charitable contributions are added back for AMT purposes? Becker says no, but I am using NINJA for MCQs and one question (#890) added charitable contributions back. I’m very confused now. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I believe that charitable contributions are not added back for AMT. Take a look at Form 6251. According to line 2a on the form, only “taxes you paid” on Schedule A are added back.


    I can only speak for Becker, but not adding them back is correct; Becker made it a point to specify that charity and home mortgage interest are NOT add-backs for AMT purposes.

    The only reason why I can think you'd add back charity is if too much was deducted by mistake, but that's a wild guess.

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    Hello – this sounded odd to me, so I double-checked and NINJA doesn't have the add back.


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    Roger's review provides the following mnemonic for AMT – P L I E R S

    Private activity bond interest
    Local and statement income taxes, all property taxes and sales taxes paid
    Incentive Stock Options
    Excess depreciation on personal property
    Refunds on local/state taxes
    Standard deduction

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