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    Has anyone printed the Ninja books out? I know the chapters can be downloaded to a tablet, etc., but I'm old school and find it easier to study with the actual paper book. For FAR, it appears that each individual chapter needs to be downloaded individually (instead of all at once) which could take some time. I am willing to do that but I also wanted to go to FedEx to get it printed instead of using so much of my ink, however, I am wondering if they wouldn't print it do to copyright concerns.

    Any advice appreciated!

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    Yes, I have printed the book and the notes. I don't know how much it costs at fed-ex but if you got a good laser printer you should be able to get it printed and have ink left. I printed the notes and had them spiraled at our local print shop as well for 2.00. It's a sacrifice you have to decide to make. buy ink or buy the service.

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