Only Ninja material for BEC

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    Is Ninja material (book+MCQ) enough to pass BEC?
    Did anybody rely on Ninja for BEC and passed on the first try?

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    In the DOJO, there's a “NINJA Only” tab in the sidebar with people who passed using NINJA only, if that helps.

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    I used the Ninja Book, Notes and MCQs and passed on my first try. I went through some other websites like Investopedia to get a different perspective on the financial concepts, but that was me being curious and wanting to get a different perspective, not Ninja being unable to teach me the material.

    AUD - 94
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 86
    REG - 79
    CMA 1: 460

    CMA 2: 430

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    The closest I've come using just Ninja was a 72 in BEC, and I definitely could have studied harder- I just did MCQ and no notes!

    So it's definitely very possible- just put the time in!

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