NINJA Notes vs. NINJA Flashcards

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    Sorry if that has already been posted it but what is the difference between NINJA Notes and NINJA Flashcards? NINJA Notes are more expensive is their an advantage to them or do you get the flashcards if you also buy the notes?

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    Good question – the flashcards are an extension of the notes – they basically “quiz” you on the material. With the BOGO sale, you can buy the notes and get the flashcards as your free part.

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    I used both the ninja notes and flashcards for REG and FAR, and I really think there is an advantage to having both. The notes are good to re-write and add other notes too, and the serve as a framework for all the material you'll need to know to pass the exam, and the flashcards are helpful in testing if you actually know the information in the notes. The flashcards are basically the notes in an question and answer format. So maybe I read the notes for REG a couple times, and then the REG flashcard asked me what the requirements are to qualify as a dependent child? I KNOW i read that a hundred times, but can i repeat it back when asked? I thinked the flashcards were really helpful, and there arent any other products like that anywhere!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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