NINJA MCQ Trending vs Actual Scores

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    Section: BEC
    Trending Score: 85
    Actual Score: 82


    Section: AUD
    Trending Score: 81
    Actual Score: 86
    Additional Comments: This was my second try at AUD. I took it the first time using only Becker and WITHOUT doing an overall review of the material. I literally finished reading and doing Becker MCQs for the last section of the AUD book the day before the exam because my NTS was about to run out. After I found out I failed with a 64, I purchased the NINJA MCQs and ONLY studied the NINJA MCQs. I did MCQs for about three weeks, and two days before the exam, drilled down on SIMs. I did not complete all of the Ninja MCQs (394 Questions Not Seen).

    REG: 80
    BEC: 84
    AUD: 64, 86
    FAR: 78

    Becker for REG and BEC
    Becker + Ninja MCQ for AUD and FAR

    REG 80 [07/27/2015]
    BEC 84 [11/25/2015]
    AUD XX [02/01/2016]
    FAR XX [05/30/2016]


    Section: BEC
    Trending: 87
    Average : 82
    Actual: 71

    There really are just no words not sure I have it in me to study this section again…

    And they ask me why I drink

    BEC 71, 82
    AUD 75
    REG 75
    FAR 61, 69, 83

    and they ask me why I drink...

    FAR- 61-next time I'll ask for lube instead of a calculator
    REG-75- Never been so happy to see such a low grade
    BEC- 8/11
    AUD- 9/2


    Trending: 94%
    Actual: 86%

    I sincerely think the NINJA MCQs are what gave me the edge to pass BEC and REG on the first attempts. I wish I'd gotten on board earlier.

    FAR - 74 (7/20/15), 81 (10/12/15)
    AUD - 72 (11/30/15), 81 (1/18/16)
    BEC - 87 (6/6/16)
    REG - 8/8/16


    Trending Score:90.6%
    Average Score: 82%
    Actual Score: 76%
    Additional Comments:3rd time taking FAR. Ninja MCQ attempts 5397. Used Ninja 10pt & Wiley Testbank. Answered every Ninja/Wiley Sim and used AL on exam. Finally done!


    Section: AUD
    Trending Score: 79%
    Actual Score: 87
    Additional Comments:
    Average Score: 73%
    Question Attempts: 2345
    Questions Not Seen: 267

    For AUD, I had taken it previously on 10/31/15, but it was a half-assed attempt (put all 4 sections on one NTS) and I got a 58. I have CPAexcel but didn't use it at all for Auditing, just did MCQs for ~40 hours of study time.

    BEC is my last section. Sitting on September 2nd. FAR expires 04/17.

    FAR- 74, 78 (10/2015)
    BEC- 73, 88 (09/02/2016)
    REG- 68, 88 (05/27/2016)
    AUD- 58, 87 (07/21/2016)
    Done and done!

    FAR- 74, 78 (10/15)
    BEC- 73
    REG- 65, 88 (05/16)
    AUD- 7/16


    Section: AUD
    Trending Score: 93%
    Actual Score: 81
    Additional Comments: Average Score = 62% (Only used NINJA MCQ to study from scratch. Absolutely no other materials)
    Hours: 78
    Question Attempts: 2832
    Questions Not Seen: 0

    CRAM this exam!

    FAR - 59, 70, 81
    BEC - 80
    AUD - 81
    REG - 79

    BEC - 80
    FAR - 81 (third attempt)
    AUD - waiting for score 8/23
    REG - 09/08/2016 - going to cram and wing it

    OH Ethics - Completed


    Section: REG
    Trending Score: 75
    Actual Score: 83
    Additional Comments:
    Average Score: 70%
    Question Attempts: 1700
    Questions Not Seen: 822

    FAR 87
    AUD 94
    BEC 85
    REG 8/16

    Mohammed Hussain

    Section: FAR
    Trending Score:69%
    Actual Score: 87%
    Additional Comments: Don't worry too much about your trending score–matters more what you were scoring leading up to the test. I was doing bad very early on, and that made it very hard to bring my score up. Also, don't get too caught up on the multiple choice. Just be glad that youre seeing it now instead of on the actual test.
    Used Yeager and Ninja MCQ


    Section: FAR
    Average Score: 64%
    Trending Score: 79.80%
    Actual Score: 77%
    Questions Attempted: 2376
    Questions Not Seen: 116
    Questions Not Answered Correctly: 584
    Total Time: 112 hours
    Average Time: 2 min. 49 sec.

    Additional Comments: My exam was on 8/1/16. I used nothing but Ninja MCQ (I had Ninja Notes, Audio, and the Book but I didn't really use them much). I started doing MCQ's on 6/26/16, averaging about 70/day (I was able to do more on the weekends, less on weeknights as I was working full time). I would take time after each question to make sure that I understood why the correct answer was correct and why the wrong answers were wrong. The explanations for most of the questions were very helpful. I also did about 20 SIMS, when I was about 10 days out from the exam. The SIMS weren't super useful because they aren't very similar to the ones on the exam (minus the research question) and there is no DRS SIM, but they did help me to confirm that I had a decent grasp on the material. On exam day, I felt like I knew a decent amount of questions, and I knew enough to make educated guesses on ones that I didn't know. I didn't feel good about any of the SIMS except for the research and DRS, but apparently I did well enough on them.


    Section: REG
    Trending: 91
    Average : 74
    Actual: 82
    Hours: 39
    Total question attempts: 1743
    Total questions not seen: 567

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 78
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - 82
    BEC: 78

    REG: 82

    AUD: February 20, 2017

    FAR: January 2, 2017

    For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.
    Philippians 4:13


    Section: AUD
    Trending Score: 68
    Actual Score: 85
    Additional Comments: I used Becker for lectures and Ninja MCQ for practice on second trial. I didn't pass with Becker material first time, but passed on the second time using Ninja MCQ. I didn't get to Review phase in Ninja MCQ.


    Trending Score:84.17
    Actual Score:83

    Done!!!! Thank you so much Jeff I know Ninja MCQ was essential to my success in passing all 4 sections on the first attempt. Big believer.

    BEC - 84
    FAR - 82
    AUD - 86

    Wiley/CPA Excel and Ninja MCQ


    Trending Score:76%
    Average Score:71%
    Actual Score:72
    Total Attempts:917
    Q's not seen: 1005

    Becker & Ninja MCQ

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 83
    FAR - 85
    REG - 87

    "Who's better than us?" - nobody

    REG 87

    Becker / Ninja MCQ



    trending 84%
    average 75%
    questions attempts 2,758

    actual 73%

    Onwards to BEC attempt #5… 🙁

    BEC 60, 71, 71, 73, 81
    AUD 72, 81
    REG 60, 78
    FAR 71, 78

    Licensed CPA in Texas

    AUD - 72, 81
    FAR - 71, 78
    REG - 60, 78
    BEC - 60, 71, 71


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