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    Hey NINJA guide users – just wondering, do you rewrite the guide? If so, how long does it take you? I'm in the process of rewriting the FAR guide and I have about 30 pages to go. So far it's taken me about a week to rewrite them. My exam is a week away and was wondering if I should stop and just concentrate on MCQs. Or kick it up a notch and try to finish between tonight and tomorrow?

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    I think if I were you, I would stop with the rewriting of the notes and just focus on the mcq's. Maybe try and compensate by rereading the portion of notes that you were unable to write……Another idea is to see where you are at this weekend coming up and maybe rewrite the notes to the sections that you struggle with. Just my opinion!

    Good luck to ya!!!

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    I did rewrite them twice. But didn't do it with a week to go, you're under the gun now.

    But for what its worth I was shooting for 9 pages/day in rewriting.

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    The whole point of rewriting the notes is to better absorb the material….

    That said from a cost vs benefit standpoint it doesn't justify blowing off practicing the MCQs just to finish writing the notes.

    You also learn things that might not be in the notes or even your review material on the MCQs you practice.

    Instead, if it were me, I would carefully study the notes (much faster than writing and at least you've read through the material) then switch to the MCQs…

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    I never rewrote my notes. I did non stop MCQs up until the day before my test. Then I would read the Ninja Notes the day before. I read them throughout the entire process but the day before the exam I just relaxed and read all my notes…things like that.

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